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NGANHALI Canvas Print Oak Frame


Nganhali Canvas Art Print – Light, earthy and deeply grounded in rich ancestral culture, this contemporary Aboriginal artwork has been created by Wiradjuri artist Amanda Hinkelmann. Featuring clusters of intricately painted concentric circles, surrounding three hill like structures, the piece is representative of the Creation period – where all life came into being. The colour palette features a warm midtone colour palette of mustard, ochre, clay and white. A complimentary piece to Dharrang, Marramarra and Wiraywinhangin Marramarra, as a part of Amanda’s visual representation of the Dreaming.

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Aboriginal peoples have a knowledge of country like no other, a knowledge given to us by our Elders. Able to pick up changes in weather, surroundings, vegetation, animal movements. The connection to country is something that cannot be explained, only felt.Just as others read stories, we read country. Breathing in the air, watching and taking in change. Finding strength, balance and groundedness from country.It is within, and it speaks of reciprocity, care and connection. A caring for Mother Earth, as she cares for us.Using the land to live from and enabling growth and prosperity of country. Walking on Country, treading were ancestors have walked.This piece tells the story of connections to mother earth, and how through the ebbing and flowing of life, it is culture and connection that grounds us. It tells the story of life’s lessons, passed from generation to generation to live out Yindyamarra.Born on Wiradjuri Land in Wagga Wagga, Amanda is an exceptionally passionate and talented Aboriginal artist who has been creating breathtaking original artworks from her studio under the moniker ‘Because of my Four’ for many years now. Amanda’s artworks share stories of resilience, strength, and the power of women. She draws inspiration from her hometown of Wagga Wagga, her family, and the Dreamtime – displaying Aboriginal culture and storytelling in her own contemporary Aboriginal art style, developed through impatience, intuition, and an innate desire to create at all costs.

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Dimensions 120 × 90 cm