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Ngapa Jukurrpa IV Red Canvas Art Print – Oak Frame


Ngapa Jukurrpa IV Red Canvas Art Print by Agnes Nampijinpa Brown – This Aboriginal artwork, an artistic interpretation of the Water Dreaming, features bold, brilliant circular shapes formed by intricately placed dots in a spectrum of vibrant red and orange tones.

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This Aboriginal artwork depicts the water Dreaming, and tells a story of two Jangala men, rainmakers, who sang for the rain and unleashed a giant storm. The storm travelled from the east to the west until it reached Warlura, a waterhole to the east of Yuendumu in the Northern Territory. At Warlura, a gecko blew the storm away. The storm continued on, covering the lands with rain and shooting out bolts of lightning, awakening the ‘kurdukurdu mangkurdu Jukurrpa’ (children of the clouds Dreaming). The water Dreaming built hills at Ngamangama, and stuck long pointy clouds into the ground at Jukajuka, where they can still be seen today in the Northern Territory as rock formations. The water Dreaming continued its travels to Mikanji, a watercourse northwest of Yuendumu, where the storm was picked up by a ‘kirrkarlanji’ (brown falcon) and taken farther north. At Puyurru, the falcon dug up a giant ‘warnayarra’ (rainbow serpent). The serpent carried water with it to create another large lake, before travelling on through other locations and eventually arriving at Gurindji country to the north. In contemporary Warlpiri paintings, traditional iconography is used to represent the ‘Jukurrpa’ (Dreaming), associated sites, and other elements. In many paintings of this Dreaming, short dashes are often used to represent ‘mangkurdu’ (cumulus & stratocumulus clouds), and longer, flowing lines represent ‘ngawarra’ (flood waters). Small circles are used to depict ‘mulju’ (soakages) and river beds. Be inspired by uniquely breathtaking Aboriginal Art and vibrant retellings of the Dreamtime, and bring this stunning artwork into your home today. Along with your artwork you will also receive a Certificate of Authenticity, and a copy of the ‘Jukurrpa’ (Dreaming) story that inspired the piece. – Oak Frame – Available in Portrait or Landscape – 90 x 120cm

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Dimensions 90 × 120 cm