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Mitre Rug – Basalt


Hand-woven on Panja looms, Mitre is a soft and beautiful rug that features a raised diamond pattern that is overlaid and hand-woven into it in a contrasting colour.

Mitre Basalt is features naturally dark tones of wool creating a natural charcoal colour.

Made from a chunky spun yarn, with 65% Wool and 35% Viscose, Mitre offers a luxuriously soft underfoot. The Mitre rug isn’t a flat pile — the diamond pattern sits up higher than the base rug, so we recommend using it in bedrooms, nurseries, and similar low-traffic areas.

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Chunky spun yarn with a raised diamond pattern
65% Wool and 35% Viscose
Suitable for low-traffic areas, such as the bedroom
2m x 3m
Ethically handmade in partnership with Care and Fair

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Dimensions 300 × 200 cm